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Below are short videos showing highlights of issues that would be great for anniversaries coming up soon.


A short video showing a few interesting articles and advertisements in the May 27, 1946 Life magazine including Test rockets, Ku Klux Klan, history of liquor, infancy of television, India's leaders, life in the Ozarks.


A short video showing a few interesting articles and advertisements in the April 23, 1956 Life magazine including Marine training, studying frogs, Alfred Hitchcock, Mozart.


A short video showing a few interesting articles and advertisements in the April 29, 1966 Life magazine including Julie Christie, Metropolitan Opera House, Winston Churchill, 1966 Honda advertisement.


A short video showing a few interesting articles and advertisements in the May 1986 Life magazine including Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beaty, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Steven Spielberg, movie stars.

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Girls of Kansas State University. - December 11, 1939 Life Magazine

2016-04-22 12:18:50

Exerpt from December 11, 1939 Life Magazine

Kappa Alpha Theta

The girls who go to the University of Kansas are as different in their looks and backgrounds as the buildings in which they live. The buildings (left) are sometimes classic, sometimes Tudor, sometimes Georgian. Some of the girls are dull and some bright, some pretty and some plain, some grinds and some “jivers.” In a typical freshman class of 700, about 110 will be farmers' daughters, 75 merchants' daughters, 40 teachers' daughters, 25 bankers' daughters. Their State University is at Lawrence, perched on the highest hill in eastern Kansas. It is a surprising town to find in the most middle of the Midwestern States. Settled by New Englanders, it is very much like New England except that the wind blows all the time. The streets are lined with spreading elms and some of the houses have captain's walks. In regular session, 1,500 girls attend the University, which is co-educational. For the most part they have a very good time at college, often living better there than they do at home. A fourth of them occupy sorority houses; less than a third, dormitories. The rest board out around town. Their college life is heartier, more social and much more frankly concerned with boys than it is at an Eastern women's college. Almost all the girls are Kansans who settle down in Kansas after graduation. As alumnae, they are the most closely knit group of people in the State, binding all Kansas together from town to town by friendships made at Lawrence. The way they learn to live, to dress, to behave, to look at life and culture, affects their future and the future of their State in a hundred small and subtle ways.

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