Exerpt from December 13, 1943 Life Magazine

Nation Drinks What it Can as Favorite Spirit Grows Scarce

Throughout the U. S. last week, liquor-store proprietors gave customers the once-over. For a steady patron, one bottle of whisky might appear furtively from under the counter. Strangers walked out with rum, brandy or gin. In New York the FBI nabbed a gang of thugs in the act of hijacking more than 1,200 cases of whisky. In back rooms and loft buildings, Federal raiders dismantled illicit stills and poured bootleg liquor down drains. It was sort of like old times. A fortnight after the start of a Senate investigation of the liquor situation, a bloc of the nation's distillers took big ads in major city newspapers from coast to coast to explain why whisky was hard to get. Now held in storage are about 303,000,000 gallons, of which 100,000,000 must be held for post war reserve. Should the remaining 203,000,000 be thrown on the market they would vanish, the distillers estimated, in less than a year-hence voluntary rationing. As Christmas approached, parched Americans began gulping rum, brandy, imported gin. Even these might dry up soon.

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