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Life Magazine, December 1, 1980 - Children With Cancer

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Life Magazine, December 1, 1980 - Children With Cancer

Original Life Magazine December 1, 1980 - Children With Cancer

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Original Life Magazine from December 1, 1980 - Children With Cancer

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Content: Children With Cancer

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COVER: Children With Cancer

CAMERA AT WORK: Sheila Metzner photographs children in loving hues.

30 YEARS AGO: Retreat in Korea, photographed by David Douglas Duncan.

PORTRAIT: PETER O'TOOLE: The actor bloody but unbowed, by Andrew Sinclair. Photograph by Joe Richard.

HOMECOMING ALBUM FOR A HOSTAGE: His family describes the year Jimmy Lopez missed, by Anne Fadiman.

THE TREASURE OF SERRA PELADA: Brazil's gold rush produces millions.

DIVIDED WATERS: The Colorado is the Sunbelt's most contested resource.

HISTORY ON AN L.A. WALL: Young people paint 1,700 feet of California history.

KRAZY KATS: Some of the new breeds of cats are a bit on the freakis side. 

PALLADIO LIVES ON: After four centuries, a celebration of the most influential architect ever.

A THOUSAND MILES FROM ONE HEARTH TO ANOTHER: A trip through Mongolia -- by Yevgeny Yevushenko.

SAVING THE CHILDREN: Part II of a LIFE report: Turning the tide against cancer in the young.

THE ENDLESS QUESST FOR A CURE: Part IV: THe State of cancer care today - by Jeff Wheelwright.

RONALD REAGAN'S SMALL TOWN ROOTS: The President-elect's Illinois boyhood.

AMERICA'S FAMILY ALBUM: 100 years ago George Eastman founded a company that set us making snapshots.

THE WALT WHITMAN HE WANTED US TO REMEMBER: How the great poet shaped his own image, by Justin Kaplan.

THE CRECHES OF NAPLES: Tidings of a great Christmas joy from Italy.

RETURN OF THE EPIC WESTERN: "Deer Hunter" director Michael Cimino makes a panoramic "Heaven's Gate".

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