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Life Magazine, July 4, 1955 - July Fourth fireworks

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Life Magazine, July 4, 1955 - July Fourth fireworks

Original Life Magazine July 4, 1955 - July Fourth fireworks

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  • These issues are in pretty good shape. These are great for those who want a complete, original, average condition issue to read and enjoy. They may have some light to moderate flaws like small tears, spots, library stamps etc. but would make a great piece of history for the budget minded to mark any occasion.
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  • These issues are extremely nice. These are in amazing condition and are great for framing or giving as a cherished gift. Some may have very minor defects and address labels.

Original Life Magazine from July 4, 1955 - July Fourth fireworks

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Content: July Fourth fireworks

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Wimbledon wag

Nobody is mad with nobody
United States (Social life and customs)

After blowup, the cleanup
Catholic Church (Argentina), Argentina (Politics and government)

Two revolutions
Liberty, France (History, February Revolution, 1848), United States (History, Revolution, 1775-1783)

Big birthday party for the U.N.
United Nations Conference on the Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Signing of the
United Nations Charter, San Francisco, 1955

Atomic glow for U.N. show
Nuclear reactors

Gift from McCroskey
Virgil MCCROSKEY, Idaho (Parks and reserves)

Svelte sphinx in Malibu sands

Lingering glory of the old Fourth
Fireworks, Fourth of July, United States (Social life and customs)

Serpent hunt in archives
Archives (Egypt), Snake charmers, Snakes

Alexander Hamilton (American statesman.); 1757-1804, James Madison (American president.); 1751-1836,
Elbridge Gerry (American vice-president.); 1744-1814
, Luther Martin (American state official and lawyer.); 1744-1826,
George Mason (American colonial leader.); 1725-1792
, Gouverneur Morris (American statesman.); 1752-1816,
Benjamin Franklin (American statesman and scientist); 1706-1790 (Statues, portraits, etc)
, William Paterson
(senator, governor and Supreme Court justice.); 1745-1806
, Roger Sherman (American colonial leader.); 1721-1793,
James Wilson (American Supreme Court justice.); 1742-1798
, John Adams (American president.); 1735-1826,
John Jay (American diplomat and Supreme Court justice.); 1745-1829
, Thomas Jefferson (American president.); 1743-1826,
John Marshall (American Supreme Court justice.); 1755-1835

Men who united the United States
United States Constitutional Convention (1787)

Presiding officer of Federal convention
George Washington; 1732-1799 (Statues, portraits, etc)

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