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Life Magazines from the 1970's

The 1970s were a tough decade for Life Magazine. Growing financial troubles and low circulation stopped the presses on December 29, 1972, but not before LIFE Magazine captured some of the more influential events of the early 1970s. Nixon's decision to end US involvement in Vietnam was reported in the November26, 1971 issue. A chilling photo essay of the hostage crisis at the 1972 Munich Olympics appeared in September of 1972.  The lighter side of the 70's came through in a springtime issue covering the “mini/midi” skirt-length brouhaha caused by heightened tension between the modern and traditional forces in fashion. But, in January of 1973, LIFE Magazines ceased to adorn American newsstands. 
In the meantime, LIFE Magazine published several special issues, including the “Year In Pictures” photo collections published every winter. When it returned to regular syndication in 1978, LIFE Magazine emerged with a new logo and a new formula for monthly issues. Since LIFE Magazines could no longer go into minute detail over every event of the week, they began to tackle tough political and social issues as well as major events in America and the world.
Even with this new, large-focus approach to the month's news, LIFE Magazine never lost sight of the small stories that really give us a great sense of life in another time. Next to flashy features of stars like Dolly Parton (or Mickey Mouse!) you'll find in-depth articles about advances in surgical techniques or man's growing impact on the environment. This new balance of pop culture and serious business would inspire a whole new group of readers to pick up LIFE Magazine for the world's news, just like their parents and grandparents had since 1936.

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