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Life Magazines from the 1990's

In the 1990s, Life Magazine itself became an indicator of changing times. While it ran stories about advancements in communication technology, LIFE Magazine began fading in the face of the World Wide Web. In May of 2000, LIFE published its final issue.

LIFE Magazines during the 1990s covered an impressive range of topics. A growing concern about health combined with quickly advancing technology meant there were always medical marvels to write about. One of the most remarkable stories LIFE Magazine ever ran appears on the cover of the April 1996 issue. The story of the Hensel twins: sisters born using the same limbs and torso controlled by two fully-functional and completely individual personalities. From world-changing struggles like Desert Storm to pop culture events like the end of Cheers, LIFE Magazine continued its tradition of telling the American story from every angle.

LIFE Magazine mirrored the society in which it existed, a society finally ready to confront deep, philosophical issues that still challenge us today. Stories about the origin of life, the existence and nature of God, and the mysteries of nature reflect America’s interest in science and the unknown, an America much different than that of LIFE’s first issue in 1936.

The editors, photographers, and writers of LIFE Magazine through the years built and sustained a masterpiece of photojournalism and culture-watching unrivaled by any publication before or since. They captured the glamour, struggle, innovation, and victory of America and the world for decades, and the archive of knowledge captured in the issues we offer are a valuable treasure. We’re proud to offer them. You’ll be proud to own them.

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